University Seminars

StoriesWork offers seminars for university students as one- or two-day programs or as short courses.  Instead of a teaching mode, StoriesWork provides interactive storytelling, a novel format in which discussion focuses on a folk story   There are no “right’ or “wrong” answers.  Everyone’s comments, views, and ideas are encouraged and accepted in a safe, non-threatening, non-judgmental atmosphere.  Topics range from dating/domestic violence and family issues to aging and life challenges.

StoriesWork seminars have been held at the following schools: 
Duke University
East Carolina University
University of North Carolina-Asheville
Bennett College
James Madison University

Sample testimonials:
This experience was interesting – thought provoking - lots of different outlooks and insights.
I haven’t had so much fun and opportunities for insight in a long time
It was very multiculturally oriented.
Reinforced that sharing life’s stories are an important part of life itself – our own and/or folktales.