Community Workshops


Intergenerational Storytelling for seniors and ex-offenders
Intergenerational Storytelling is one of StoriesWork’s transformative programs.  The storytelling series combines senior citizens and men and women recently released from prison.    Improvement in empowerment and self-esteem occurs not only among the ex-offenders, but among the seniors as well.  Seniors are proud to use their amassed life experiences to offer new perspectives as they gain a better understanding of challenges facing the ex-offenders.  At the same time, ex-offenders gain from the experience and wisdom of the seniors.   
StoriesWork is now working on an instruction manual to encourage interested organizations in both the criminal justice and aging fields to replicate this successful venture.
Programs for seniors and ex-offenders held at:
Durham Center for Senior Life
Durham Criminal Justice Resource Center

Sample testimonials:
"I would definitely love more sessions” (ex-offender)
"It is good to share ideas and feelings in a group with different thoughts and beliefs." (senior)
"I enjoyed being here." (senior)
"I gained wisdom from the mature audience" (ex-offender)

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Storytelling for Reading Enhancement
Our work with youth is different from that with adults; instead of questions and answers, children and teens retell the stories using props.  Young people love this technique; as with all StoriesWork programs, there is no judgment. Nothing is right or wrong and everyone has a blast putting their own unique spin on these age-old tales.  Getting children comfortable with stories, words and reading is the goal of these programs.

Programs for reading enhancement held at: 
Durham Public Housing Authority

Just listen to their testimonials:
"You guys ROCK!”
"(I am) excited to come back.”
"Come Back!”
"(I feel) Happy and good about myself. The stories were good!”

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Domestic Violence
StoriesWork works with women survivors in Domestic Violence Support Groups. We also train staff of state and local domestic violence coalitions to use interactive storytelling in their work with survivors. And we offer sessions for business representatives on the financial costs and work-related problems caused by domestic violence in employees’ home lives.

Programs for domestic violence survivors, coalition staff, and business representatives held at
Durham Crisis Response Center
Durham Chamber of Commerce
North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
El Centro Hispano

Sample testimonials:
"It’s amazing to see abused women start to think for themselves." (staff)
"They are wonderful stories.  And they… they show you the flexibility of human beings” (survivor)
"(I) recognized the need to address preventive issues” (business representative)
"Everyone who works with abused women should be taught and should use interactive storytelling!”(staff)

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Storytelling for Adults
We don’t ‘do’ fairytales.  Our stories testify to human nature and deal with universal issues such as teamwork, diversity, love, family, abuse, death, and more. No matter what stage of life you are in we have a story that will speak to you.

2011 Adult Storytelling Programs held at the Durham County Library
to help advertise Carolina Theater productions
Stories, Songs and Siblings: A StoriesWork Medley
A Sibling Social
Liberty, Maternity, Frivolity

2010   Transitions: Meeting LIfe Challenges held at various sites in and around Burlington, NC
Parenting the 21st Century Child
Modern Courtship and Marriage
Moving into the Later Years
Immigration and Resettlement
Home from the War
New Health Habits for Old

2006-2007  Storytelling for Adults held at Durham County Library
Parenting the 21st-Century Child
Confronting Family Abuse
Exploring the Aging Experience
Ethnicity and Race
Teens and Gender
Issues with Addictive Behavior

Sample testimonials:
"(I feel) Enlivened and more awake.  (I am) Happy to be involved in these discussions.” 
"Like I have learned a new technique as well as things about aging.”
"Good but thoughtful.  I think it’s going to take a while to fully assimilate.”
"Enriched! Proud to be among this group of creative, imaginative and problem-solving folks.”

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The goal of our aging program is to empower elderly clients, inform staff personnel, open discussions with family caregivers, and reach adult children of aged parents.  Topics include improved interpersonal communication, enhanced empowerment, rehabilitation, grief, financial concerns, and end of life issues.   The StoriesWork unique storytelling and discussion techniques encourage discussion of even the most sensitive topics in a safe, non-threatening, respectful atmosphere.  Most participants are grateful for the opportunity to talk openly about topics they rarely have a chance to discuss elsewhere.

Programs for seniors and staff held at           
Duke University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Durham Center for Senior Life
Durham Senior Public Housing Centers
Emerald Pond Retirement Center

This is an opportunity to see different points of view. (senior)
More aware of how to better serve the aging population. (staff)
Grateful and thrilled to have been a part of this and to talk freely about difficult issues (senior)
I wish my adult children were here to participate. (senior)
For more information call (919) 321-8969 or email