Domestic Violence is a Global Concern

StoriesWork offers a display of international poster artworks that speak out against domestic violence and for the value of equitable and peaceful family relationships. They are part of a poster collection gathered by the United Nations.
The prints are mounted in groups on laminated panels, and have been shown at numerous StoriesWork events. Viewers are moved by the eloquent messages portrayed in the different styles and languages.
Organizations that used the art display in the past include:

  • Durham Crisis Response Center
  • Durham County Library
  • East Carolina University
  • Duke University
  • The Vermont Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Assault
  • The North Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

Testimonials include:
-"Each poster was very powerful and well received by the audience."
-"Art can remind us that we are responsible for ourselves and one another."
-"(It was) eye-opening and inspiring."

The 6 large display panels (30” x 40”easily wall-mounted) and a poster that translates the non-English text are available for rent. You can share the impact of these important messages with audiences at your events. To rent the display, contact us at 919-321-8969 or