Who We Are

Ever since its creation in 2000, StoriesWork's main goal has been to bring the power and experience of interactive storytelling to as many people as possible We use timeless folktales from around the world in group settings. Our storytellers guide the group through interactive discussion on the stories, their themes, characters, and possible outcomes. The powerful message for our participants is that there are no right or wrong answers; all views and comments are respected and valuable.

This technique fosters empowerment, self-esteem, good decision making, and reflective thinking for all who take part in the sessions. Our programs have been successful with survivors of domestic violence, ex-offenders, the elderly, teenagers, parents and children, corporate offices, residential medical facilities and many others.

Contact us

P.O. Box 51693 Durham, NC 27717 (919) 321-8969
Email: storieswork@gmail.com


Executive Director: Lenora Ucko, PhD

Administrator: Nick Winstead


Board of Directors

Amy Eller
Emma Browning
Lenora Ucko
Melissa Murchison-Blake
Peter Anylan